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Agios Sostis, Anatoli, Argiria, Gardiki, Kallithea, Kambia, Kanalia, Kloni, Kiriakohori, Lefkada, Marmara, Mesopotamia, Nikolitsi, Paleovraha, Paleohori, Perivoli, Pitsi, Platanos, Poungakia, Sperhiada, Fteri

This is an area with vast beautiful horizons where human existence dates back to ancient years. It is a magical and hospitable land, both traditional and modern with antiquities and beautiful legends.


As many people believe, Pilea's kingdom was located here. It was from this place that Achilles set out to conquer the Castle of Troy.
Goulinas lies at an altitude of 1,467 m, tucked away in a thicket full of fir-trees and oak-trees. All the villages of the Municipality rest on its shoulders. Its slopes were the inaccessible retreats of the klephts and the men-at-arms when the country was under Turkish Domination and revolutionary nests - hideouts during the bleak years of German Occupation. Grammeni Oxia stands on the opposite side. It is a mountain of infinite natural beauty with the southernmost beech wood in Europe and a mountaineering resort.
. Sperhiada: It was built in the latter years of the Turkish Domination by the persecuted inhabitants of Souli. During the uprising, they took up their weapons and when they went back as free men, they built their village again from scratch. They called it "Aga" in the beginning and kept this name until 1904 when they changed it to "Sperhiada". History researchers support the view that it took the name of the Aenian ancient town called "Sperhie". In May 1942 Aris Velouhiotis, the EL.AS. Captain, started the guerrilla war against the German conquerors with his few comrades. In 1944, the Germans burnt down almost the whole town and killed scores of civilians.
. The mountaineering tracks both on the northern slopes of Vardousia (Marmara, Anatoli, Kolokithia and Dafni, etc) and on the slopes stretching from Vardiki to Diaselo of Oxia are uniquely beautiful. The track which runs from Platanos to Gardiki is suitable for mountain trekking as well. The following villages lie hidden away under fir-trees and chestnut thickets: Paleohori, which features a Byzantine monastery dedicated to Prophet Elias, Poungakia, Kanalia, which feature numerous crofts, Pitsi, Lefkada, Koutsoufliani, Kambia, Fteri and Paleovraha with its sweet wines and its hot springs.
The panoramic valley of Sperhios stretches from Kloni up to Kallithea and Agios Sostis. In the lowland village called Messopotamia, there is a beautiful plane-tree forest and the aquatic habitat of Sperhios. There are plenty of exhibits in the History - Folklore Museum "Athanassios & Mary Akrida" in Sperhiada and the Folklore Museums in Marmara and Anatoli.


Hospitality is a matter of tradition in both the mountain and the plain villages germane to Roumeli with local food and entertainment, tavernas and local products, always in line with local customs.


. All the villages of the Municipality hold cultural events during the summer months. (Sperhia, Bikers Sports Club). In the latter fortnight of July, the Cinema Club of Sperhiada organizes a meeting of all the new cinematographers from all over Greece and they play short subject films. A Traditional Dance Festival is held at the end of August.
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